Solo trip!

Mom, don’t freak out. But today, I traveled by myself to a town across the lake in a car with total strangers! And it was so fun! I’ve never had the chance to take a solo trip in Europe before, and I’m so glad I did today. I went to Montreux, it’s absolutely gorgeous, as the pictures will show you. Don’t get me wrong, I like people. But today, I got to do what I wanted, when I felt like it, I made several u-turns with no warning, I enjoyed a cup of coffee in a cafe, I relaxed as long as I wanted and I moved on when it felt right, and it was grand. It was a welcome distraction from waiting for Jacob to get here, which is in TWO DAYS!


Innit it the cutest place??

Lookout point from Eglise St Vincent


Well I think that about covers today! It was a pretty good day, but Tuesday will be even better.


One thought on “Solo trip!

  1. You crazy, girl! HaHa! I’m not freaking out, ok?!! Well, maybe I am … I’m so proud of you for going on a little excursion by yourself! It looks like a charming little town. Maybe we can go there in August?! I’m glad you are safe, and that you had a fun distracting day. I love you so much!


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