First Days in Geneva

Just a quick update to say that my trip to Switzerland was extremely smooth! Two of my fellow interns were on the flight with me, which was very comforting. Our London layover was short, and our second plane was delayed only by ten minutes. All our luggage was on the baggage claim, my host for the month met me there, and a very sweet couple from the local church picked me up and took me straight to their place for dinner and a comfortable bed to sleep on while my host prepared my room for me to move in today. I want to stop and recognize how easy this trip has been because I know it’s not always that way.

Although I tried to practice my French before arriving, I am bewildered at how little I actually know and how slowly my mind processes what is being said and how to respond. I hope to practice with my host a lot, because aside from all the things I will learn at the WHO, I really want to seize this chance to improve my language skills.

The room I am staying in is large for Geneva, very comfortable, and only a twenty minute bus ride from where I will start work on Monday. I walked the neighborhood today and it is charming! (See charming pictures)

Till next time! Au revoir!

IMG_20160520_061838195 IMG_20160520_074158567 IMG_20160520_081457096 IMG_20160520_081620414


5 thoughts on “First Days in Geneva

  1. Hey Natalie, I am so glad you are enjoying your time there. Soak as much in as you can. Can’t wait to see you in August. Love Dad


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